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Text Therapy

Text Therapy

What is text therapy?

Sometimes it’s hard to talk to someone face to face or even on the phone, this could be due to how you’re feeling. It could beyour hectic diary and not finding the time or the finances for more traditional form of therapy. Despite this, you’re bound to experience those days where you need to reach out and have a bit of support.

You’ll have friends and family that you can text but when it comes to some topics,you may want to speak with someone outside of your circle and most importantly, someone who has fought some of the battles you have.

Our text therapy isn’t for when you’re in crisis, at those times we want to speak to you and get you the right help, but this service is a fantastic way to stay on track and have instant access to an ear when you need it.


What are the benefits?

  • Convenience – you can text from anywhere! Your bed, your desk at work, the train or in the middle of a field (reception pending!)
  • Accessibility – it’s an affordable way of getting some outside help when you need to see the wood for the trees
  • Gentle approach – if you’ve not had therapy before it’s a good way to get used to talking to someone
  • Ease – sometimes writing about how you feel is easier than saying out loud
  • Timing – you can talk to us today, no long wait times or trying to find a mutual time to meet with a therapist


How does it work?

We like to keep things simple,you can access our service now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the plan that’s right for you:
  2. You will receive a welcome text from us asking a few details about yourself and your situation
  3. Start talking to one of our friendly team between:
    1. 8am to 10pm – Monday to Friday
    2. 9am to 6pm – Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays

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