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When does low mood become depression?

We all have times when our mood is low, and not just on a Monday! As much as we understand everything is temporary and that feelings pass, sadly this isn’t always the case.

When your feelings are interfering with your life and willpower isn’t enough to pull you out of that dark cloud, it could be an indication that you’re experiencing depression.

Are there different types of depression?

If you have been given a diagnosis, you might be told that you have mild, moderate or severe depression. You might also find that you can shift about between different levels of depression during one episode.

There are also some specific types of depression:

  • Mild, Moderate & Severe Depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – depression that occurs at a particular time of year, or during a particular season.
  • Dysthymia – continuous mild depression that lasts for two years or more. This is also known as chronic depression or persistent depressive disorder.
  • Prenatal depression – depression that occurs during pregnancy. This is sometimes also called antenatal depression.
  • Postnatal depression (PND) – depression that occurs in the weeks and months after becoming a parent. Postnatal depression is usually diagnosed in women, but it can also affect men.

Of course, we can help with making sure you’re on the right medication but most of all The Private Clinic Group can tailor a therapeutic programme that will help you manage your condition rather than it trying to manage you.


To find out more how we can help you or a loved one suffering with Depression, please feel free to call us on 0203 960 8689.

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