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When is anxiety a mental health problem?

Anxiety can become a problem when it starts to impact you being able to live your life as fully as you want to. For example, it may be a problem for you if:

  • Your worries feel very distressing and unmanageable
  • You have strong feelings of anxiety that last for a long time
  • Your fears or worries are not rational, but you can’t seem to control them
  • You find that you are avoiding more situations due to your anxiety
  • You’re finding it harder to go about living your life on your terms
  • You are regularly experiencing symptoms of anxiety which can include panic attacks, racing heart to excessive sweating to name but a few!

There are a range of different types of anxiety disorders, but it is possible to experience problems with high levels of anxiety without having a diagnosis. By understanding more about how this is affecting you The Private Clinic Group can help with several therapies to assist you managing your anxiety.


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