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Advisory Support Line – Instant Access to Private Rehab

Advisory Support Line

Knowing where to start in seeking help for an addiction can be difficult. When surfing through the web you will notice there are thousands of services and understanding what they do and what they offer can be hard at the best of times.

Over the years, we have formed relationships with all the private services throughout the UK and abroad and will be more than happy to conduct an assessment to advise you or a loved one on the correct treatment option. Don’t worry if finances are the problem. We are also aware of all the free/funded services available and would be happy to point you in the right direction as we have all been through this ourselves.

All of our Support Workers are in recovery, with their lived and learned experience they will provide insight and guidance without judgement.

Whether you need residential rehab, access to a Dayhab, therapy or counselling we are here to help signpost you towards your first steps to recovery.


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Instant Access to Private Rehab

If you or someone you know has a problem with addiction, there is no need to suffer in silence any longer.

We work with several leading residential rehabs throughout the UK alone for all substance and behavioural addictions and have live access to their availability as well as being fully aware of what they offer, treat and charge. Treatment is also becoming common for those suffering from mental illness, depression and anxiety. These programmes have been designed to work through withdrawal from the substances or abstinence from behaviours by helping you identify and work through your particular issues and providing you with new coping mechanisms and strategies to maintain this when you leave.

Most rehabilitation programmes will go through four main stages:

  1. During your initial assessment the type of treatment will be determined that will work best for you. A full personal history to enable the rehab to understand not only your current level of dependency but some of the reasons why you might have become addicted in the first place. People often use substances or behaviours to escape from life circumstances that they don’t know how to deal with. Once this initial assessment has been done, they will be able to recommend a suitable plan of treatment which will be tailored to your particular circumstances.


  1. The second stage of the rehab process will be your detox. This is when you have to withdraw from using the substance which you have become addicted. During this stage you are likely to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and detox is best managed under medical supervision, as some of these symptoms can become life threatening.


  1. After you have gone through detox, the next stage in your rehabilitation will be counselling and psychotherapy. This can be both group and individual therapy to identify the particular issues and negative patterns of behaviour which surrounded your addiction. This will help you to address them and replace them with new strategies to create lasting change.


  1. Once you have completed your in-patient stay, a programme of ongoing support will be created for you. This will include joining a local support group as well as regular visits to the rehab centre to make sure you are still on track. Rehab does not finish once you leave the rehab centre. It is a lifelong process if you are going to avoid relapse.


How long rehab takes will depend on the level of dependency. In-patient rehab stays can start from just one week, the clinical recommendation is 4 weeks. Based on your assessment we can recommend the length of stay based on your needs.  Remember, rehab is not just about the stay in the centre. It is the whole process and is ongoing. Although you might be sober, you need to implement the skills you have learned for the rest of your life to ensure lasting success.


Call us today on 0203 960 8689 to start your road to recovery.

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